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Enter to Win a Shoreline Bundle of Native Shrubs PLUS a trailer load of garden Soil

With summer just a few months away, you may find yourself already planning for upcoming adventures on the lake. Paddling, swimming, wildlife viewing, and fishing are some of the activities you may be looking forward to. (Monica Seidel, Communications and Fundraising Manager - Watersheds Canada.)

Promoting the Health of Canada's Freshwater through the Restoration of Vegetated Shoreland Buffers

Vegetated shoreland buffers, also known as the 'Ribbon of Life', are essential to the health and sustainability of Canada's freshwater. According to numerous scientific studies, vegetated shoreland buffers: The restoration and maintenance of vegetated shoreland buffers is widely promoted by scientists as an effective best-management practice for freshwater health. Unfortunately, the removal of native vegetation from shorelands has become a harmful and growing trend across Canada and is a major factor in the decline of water quality and wildlife communities (Hadley et al., 2013). 

How to enter

Congratulations to last year's winners!

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