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Our Mission is yours

The Lake St. Peter Property Owners' Association is a non-profit, community-based

and volunteer-driven organization dedicated to the support of, and advocacy for, conservation

of Lake St. Peter and Boulter Lake, their waterways and surrounding lands for present

and future generations through responsible environmental stewardship.

In stewardship together, our association makes a difference

  • advocates for and provide education on safety, preservation and issues affecting our local area

  • focuses on water quality, shorelines, septic systems, invasive species, land use planning, waste operations etc. 

  • communicates to keep you informed through our website, Facebook and direct emails 

  • maintains membership in F.O.C.A. providing monthly e-news

  • hosts our Annual General Meeting

  • actively participates in the Hastings Highlands Interlake Association

  • hosts special events and supports the local food bank and businesses 

Our Mission

To connect community, learn and put into action the best practices that support a healthy ecosystem.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To build a community legacy that preserves the history and health of our lakelands for generations.

We Welcome You to Join Us Today!

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