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Here are some ways you can help:


In Person

Join our Road Captain teams, or help with outreach, education and projects. 


Make a donation‏ to support community learning social events and environmental programs.  

Host or Sponsor an Event

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Lets make it happen. Great ideas are welcome!

&  Team

Executive Team

President: Geoff Aldworth

Vice President: Tom Scanlan

Treasurer: Craig Judson

Communications: Shawn Kelleher

Environment Coordinator: Bonny McCleery Scanlan

Membership Chair: Ann Judson

Past Presidents: Paul Craft, Don Richardson

Volunteers needed

Road Captains for Boulter Lake

Road Captains for local community

BBQ Teams

Writers and Historians

Nature & Local Interest Reporters


Special Project Volunteers

Water Quality Testing LSP: Tom Scanlan

Water Quality Testing Boulter Lake: Norm Wills

Environmental Research:  Larry Jones 

Stewardship:  everyone!

Webmasters: John Severinac, Lisa Kelleher

Welcome Wagon: Diane Windmoller

Social Committee: John & Liz Doherty

Road Clean Up:  John Severinac

Road Captains:  Meg Aldworth, Geoff Aldworth, Paul Craft, Bert Donaldson, Erica Gabel, Larry Jones, Rick Jones, Ann Judson, Dale McMurrchy, Tom Scanlan, Dave Shackleton, Teddy & Diane Windmoller