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Communities make it happen

&  Team

Executive Team

President: Tom Scanlan

Past President: Geoff Aldworth

Vice President: vacant

Treasurer: Linda Gibson

Past Treasurer: Craig Judson

Secretary: Bonny McCleery Scanlan

Environment Coordinator: Bonny McCleery Scanlan

Membership: Ann Judson

Past Presidents: Paul Craft

Don Richardson

Volunteers needed

Road Captains needed: for Centre Rd, Card Rd, Boulter Rd, LSP Rd

BBQ Teams

Writers and Historians

Nature & Local Interest Reporters


Special Project Volunteers

Water Quality Testing LSP: Tom Scanlan

Water Quality Testing Boulter Lake: Norm Wills

Environment:  Bonny McCleery Scanlan

Stewardship:  everyone!

Welcome Wagon: Diane Windmoller

Social Committee: John & Liz Doherty

Road Clean Up:  Liz & John Doherty

Webmaster: Lisa Kelleher

Road Captains: 

Geoff Aldworth,  Doug Baldwin, Andrew Bevan, Vito Deligio, Bert Donaldson, Erika Gabel, Linda Gibson, Ann Hildreth, Larry Jones, Rick Jones, Ann Judson, Sandy McCamus, Dale McMurchy, James Mercer, Tom Scanlan, David Shackelton, Josie Wills , Diane and Teddy Windmoller, Angela Trueman

Get Involved

Join your community and support education, preservation and social events.


In Person

Join our Road Captain teams, or help with outreach, education and projects. 


Make a donation‏ to support community learning social events and environmental programs.  

Host or Sponsor an Event

Got an idea that brings together the community?

Lets make it happen. Great ideas are welcome!

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