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Volunteers make a difference.

Our dedicated road teams have helped clean up trash along Hwy 127, from Maynooth to the Lake St Peter dump every year.

2016 - 76 bags   2017 - 62 bags

2018 - 56 bags   2019 - 63 bags

2020 - No bags   2021 - 78 bags!

Volunteer Road Captains:

  • Geoff Aldworth,  Doug Baldwin, Andrew Bevan, Vito Deligio, Bert Donaldson,

  • Erika Gabel, Linda Gibson, Ann Hildreth, Larry Jones, Rick Jones, Ann Judson, Sandy McCamus, Dale McMurchy, James Mercer, Tom Scanlan, David Shackelton,

  • Josie Wills,  Diane and Teddy Windmoller, 

  • Angela Trueman

Volunteers needed:

  • 3 Road Captains - Centre Road, Boulter Road and LSP Road

  • Social Events Leaders

  • Writers and historians

  • Nature leaders to assist with programs

Join your community and make a positive impact this year.



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