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A brand new year, winter fun, ice safety, native trees & shrubs.

Happy New Year! here's to 2021 being a heck of a lot better than last year. On the positive side we are super thrilled to share that 2020 was actually a record year for the LSPPOA Membership. With 87 members and counting it has been a tremendous testament to our caring community coming together in a time when being together was barely possible. Thank you to everyone who helped out, showed up and signed up to volunteer this coming

year. We look forward to working together and making good things happen in 2021.

For seasonal property owners and visitors please kindly remember to bring all food & supplies with you for your stay, remain in your bubble and help keep everyone healthy. For up to date information and resources on COVID-19, visit

Winter Fun in Algonquin Park

Algonquin Park is a fascinating place to visit in the winter. For many visitors the deep snow, ease of viewing wildlife, and the vast solitude of Algonquin Park's ski trail network and backcountry are appealing. Algonquin Park is open year-round but facility dates and hours of operation vary during the winter months (November to late March/April).

This year there are some special conditions due to Covid-19 - be sure to visit this link for updates before you plan your visit. What is closed and what is open

Snowshoeing enthusiasts can go virtually anywhere except on groomed nordic ski trails.

  • Self-serve fee station is open for the purchase of day use permits.

  • Some Bathrooms are open.

  • Offices are closed for in-person services.

Aways be careful on new or clear ice

In light of recent tragic news in Ontario regarding people falling through the ice, Hastings Highlands has shared this poster regarding ice thickness safety. Be extra careful on new and clear ice, especially during any milder weather and remember ‘No ice is 100% Safe’.

Order native Tree & Shrub Bundles from BASC

Easy to order online now from the Bancroft Stewardship Council, these bundles are carefully created to include important native species for the region. BASC offers a selection of bundled species of shrubs and tree seedlings along different themes.

This year they are offering the popular Shoreline Bundle, perfect for shoreline rehabilitation, the Algonquin Bundles, 4 species of importance to the Algonquin people, and the Healthy Planet bundle that will help provide a new food source for wildlife in years to come now that other species such as beech are on the decline.

New this year is the Butterfly Garden Kit, a great way to attract butterflies to your garden.

A quick update on Construction Waste Disposal

If you're renovating, building or clearing old construction waste - please note the following.

All the best for a healthy and happy new year!

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