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155 pounds of food, a parking lot and a Santa Parade in August.

Great examples of our community coming together!

Who knew parking lot meetings could be so much fun?

Thank you to everyone who came out to our LSPPOA Annual General Meeting in the parking lot thanks to our kind hosts at the Porterville Diner. Wow 41 people brought their chairs, notepads, snacks, cheques and donations!

The weather was perfect and we were thrilled to see our local community come together especially during these times. What a great testament to what we can do.

Thank you for supporting Maynooth Food Bank. Over 155lbs of food was collected for donation as well as cash and cheques bringing in an additional $1070. to support local families. Mary Cannon and Mel Dureault from the Food Bank were very grateful to receive donations and cheque from LSPPOA members and community. More cheques are coming in so we will update totals in the coming months.

Santa in September inspires generous campers

A special big thank you to the caring campers at West Pines for adding the food bank to their Santa in September parade and helping with a generous jar full of donations and groceries.

Mark your calendars:

Hazardous Waste Drop off Day - Sat Oct 17th

at 6 ANAF Rd, Maynooth

9am - 3pm

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