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You can now sign out the Nature Discovery Backpacks at the Library.

We are super grateful to the team that worked over several months to assist in developing the workbook and content for the Nature Discovery backpack program that kicked off this past May.

Maynooth Public School: students & teachers

Watersheds Canada:

Monica Siedel, Nicole Dubé

Hastings Highlands Library: Wendy Sue Keating

LSPPOA: Ann Judson, Bonny McCleery Scanlan

We are so excited for the community to explore nature and learn about different species and how to protect the health of your local lakes and beyond! You get to keep your workbook that will give you tips to safely explore nature as you learn about different animals and plants that are found in Hastings Highlands. You will discover what a watershed and the riparian zone are, and see ways you can help nature, all with some fun activities along the way! Become a member of the Hastings Highlands Library – it’s free to check out your Nature Discovery Backpack AND while you are there get a Free Pass to Ontario Provincial Parks for a day of exploring.

Thanks to an amazing group of students and teachers

The Kick Off Day was met with great enthusiasm from the approximately 70 students and their teachers from the Maynooth Public School.

Unpack what's in the Nature Discovery Backpack

Tools, test kits and binoculars are included to help participants become active in citizen science and enjoy learning about the surrounding environment. Visit the Hastings Highlands Lending Library to sign out a backpack learn more about the environment.

We are grateful for the support of:

A big thanks also to Bancroft This Week for featuring the program in the June 2nd issue.

New resources on the LSPPOA website:

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