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Yard sales, books, donations and deliveries made a real difference during a hard year.

This past September, The Lake St. Peter Property Owners (LSPPOA) held their Annual Yard Sale with two year’s worth of treasures as we were unable to have the 2020 sale due to COVID restrictions. It was a great day seeing many people who were also happy to get out and score some great finds.

All remaining Yard Sale items were then boxed and delivered to the Word of Life Outreach for their Thrift Store which will continue servicing the people of the community.

Time or Talent engaging volunteers, the @ottawa_thrifty_bookworm dedicated her talent, the “love of reading’. Many book donations were received and some avid readers buying those cottage reads and perhaps stocking up for the long winter ahead too. 206 books sold!

Then the final initiative of the Labour Day Food Drive collaboration with West Pines, LSPPOA and community donations were a huge success! Food donations were more than double of what was collected in the 2020 Food Drive. The Maynooth Food Bank serves up to 75 local families in the community.

The overall contribution to the Maynooth Food Bank was 365lbs of food and $2400.00. Thank you to everyone who participated in the community events and helping those who need a little assistance.

If you missed the September event - you can still give this winter via cheque or etransfer and fill out the online form on our website.

Local Churches are using the first Sunday of each month to accept donations as Food Bank Sunday.

Been given the perfect gift that doesn't fit into your lifestyle? Changed your mind about something that you bought yourself? It's never too early to start collecting miscellaneous unwrapped Christmas gift donations for the food bank! Candles, shampoo, decorations, toys… if it's new and you will not use it. consider donating it for someone who will. Undesignated gifts can be brought to the church at any time and tags for specific individuals will be made available.

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