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Thanking Victoria, the Boater's Code and being great neighbours.

What a beautiful May long weekend it was! Happy Victoria Day!

Ever wonder who Victoria was? Well she was quite celebrated and thanks to her us Canadians enjoy a nice long weekend. Here's 20 things you didn't know about Victoria Day.

We hope you shared the bug spray this weekend, enjoyed a little barbecue and kicked off the season with kindness.

Many of us were polishing up our boats, doing oil changes and tune ups.

As we start another season on the water it's good to read these respectful boating guidelines as a helpful reminder for us all to share our time on the lake safely.

Are you teaching a new boater in the family?

Read more on Safe Boating Awareness from the Canada Safe Boating Council

15 Ways to be a good cottage neighbour

There's kinda an unspoken code to being a good neighbour. Knowing and respecting each other's privacy and boundaries is just as important as sharing a cup of sugar or helping out by keeping watch on their property while away. It's a fine balance but when we do it right we have great neighbours and lasting supportive relationships that make cottaging even more rewarding. These simple tips are a nice reminder of a few things we can do to also take care of the beautiful lakefront we share.

Planning a construction project this summer?

May is Building Month and this tip sheet from the Ontario Building Officials Association is a great start for your project checklist. Always ensure your designs meet the proper building codes and waterfront approvals for a smooth project this summer.

For more information visit Hastings Highlands Building and Planning.

Household Hazardous Waste Dates

at 6 ANAF Road Maynooth

Saturday July 17, 2021 9am-2pm

Saturday October 16, 2021 . 9-am2pm

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