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Online at the Library: access 30,000 free films, curbside pick up, the top 10 reads & more services.

Yes the library is open for online ordering, and access to great new services like

Kanopy! Download the Kanopy App to access films with your library card for free.

Anyone with a Hastings Highlands library card can login and enjoy all these great services during lockdown. Keep reading, keep watching and learn more this winter.

In this winter newsletter:

Curbside Pick up

For help to reserve a book to pick up just call the library at 613 338 2262 or email us at Available Monday - Friday - see the hours below.

Learn about Kanopy

Family Literacy Day

Black History Month

How to have a Blind Date with a Book

Freedom to Read Week

Top Ten Titles

Services added in response to Covid

Go Code Girl

The Online Book Club

New Reads for the New Year

Happy Reading everyone! Stay safe and stay warm!

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