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Interpretive Forest Walks from the forest floor to the wetlands.

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

As we continue to reflect on this past season, this August event was met with enthusiasm and was a huge success with 21 people aged 3 to over 80 coming together on a multigenerational walk through the forest, from the tops of the trees, to the forest floor and into our Lake St, Peter wetlands.

It has been exciting and rewarding to see the Nature Discovery Backpacks which was our main Program this season, in use by the children and parents of the LSPPOA members at various stops throughout the hike.

This Interpretive Forest Walk along the Lake St. Peter Provincial Park Lookout Trail provided a new forestry learning perspective for all ages that we hope to continue as an annual community building educational event that inspires our future lakeland stewards.

Our amazing tour guide Virginia DeCarle works in the Forestry sector as both a Forestry Technician, Certified Tree Marker and Forestry Educator. She shared knowledge and answered great questions along the way.

As a members event, the space was limited, but the response was just terrific!

Here's a few great snaps from the tour:
New resources on the LSPPOA website:

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