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Celebrating 31 years of the Community Road Clean-Up Recognizing the Volunteers PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE

We started thinking about the many volunteers and organizers over the past 30 years and wondered how this could be recognized in perpetuity. As we drive along Highway #127, we are reminded of the many environmentally conscious and community-minded volunteers who are keeping the roadsides clean for all to enjoy.

This set us on the path of recognition through Adopt-A-Highway Program set up by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. You will see the new signs along Highway #127 from Maynooth to the Landfill site.

History: In 2023 the Road Clean-Up Program marked its 30th year since inception. Lake St. Peter has a long history of many volunteers and organizers of the annual Road Clean-Up. Stu & Vicky Sharpe organized from 1993-2008, Wayne & Betty McPherson from 2009-2015, then the Lake St. Peter Property Owners Association led by John Severinac managed the program from 2016-2022. John turned the reins over to John & Liz Doherty in 2023.

Initially, the Road Clean-Up took place along Hwy. 127 from Lake St. Peter Landfill site to Maynooth. The Highway was marked off at 1 km intervals with volunteers assigned to a specific km. cleaning trash on both sides of the highway. In 2016 the following roads were added to the Clean-Up: Boulter Rd, Lake St. Peter Rd, Centre Rd, Circle Rd, North Twin Pines Rd, South twin Pines Rd, Card Rd, South Rd and Elgin Rd.

We know that there are many walkers around the community, including Mink Lake folks that pick up as they walk throughout the year. Thank you to everyone!                

A few of the volunteers over the years, thank you for caring and volunteering!

Litter, the trash that people drop all around the ground, is not just an eyesore. Worse, it can be harmful to children, animals and the rest of the environment.

Thank you to all volunteers keeping Hastings Highlands - Lake St. Peter, Beautiful by Nature!



Remember, dumping garbage anywhere other than in designated waste facilities is hazardous and can result in significant fines. So just don’t do it!

If you have any information about incidents, please contact:

MNRF TIPS line at 1-877-847-7667 or call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or 745-9000 or

LSPPOA has received input from community residents (non-members) that dumping is occurring on side roads/trails. One comment was a concern that the brush piles are a potential fire hazard. We responded that we would make members aware however, LSPPOA’s mission is to Educate and Advocate on Environmental concerns, we are not a policing association. Members of the community with specific details on the issue and locations should contact the appropriate agency. It is in everyone’s interest to keep Lake St. Peter beautiful and safe.

Actual photos: It starts with brush, then graduates to pressure treated decks, old kitchens, foams, furniture, plastics, florescent lights, tool batteries, tires etc. etc. These materials are garbage and should go only to the landfill site!

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