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Covid-19 Update, Firehall closure and remembering Foster's Store.

Hastings Highlands Moves into Covid-19 Modified Version of Step 2 Roadmap to Reopen

Maynooth, ON – The Municipality of Hastings Highlands wishes to release the following information in response to the Government of Ontario’s recent announcement moving the province into a Modified Step 2 of the Road Map to Reopen effective January 5, 2022 at 12:01 a.m. The modified protocols are in place until at least January 26, 2022, subject to trends in public health and health system indicators. For full detail see link below:

Fire Station Five in Lake St. Peter has closed its doors.

Effective immediately, due to structural issues the move comes after the Ministry of Labour ordered an engineer to complete an assessment of the building. The engineer found that the building was unable of supporting the loads being applied to it. The report recommended immediate closure or decommissioning of the building to ensure safety.

Hastings Highlands staff say the fire department is currently creating a plan to make sure the fire service can still serve the community in the safest way possible. The LSPPOA has sent an email to members re the upcoming council meeting this Friday at 9am to discuss in detail. If you would like to watch this council meeting visit Hastings Highlands on Youtube.

Foster's Store forever etched in our memories.

So many of us were sad to hear the recent passing of a Lake St. Peter treasure, Dean Foster at 78. Our deepest condolences to the Foster family and friends.

Some of my fondest memories of Lake St Peter are of taking the boat across and beaching it to walk barefoot along sun-baked railroad ties to get to Foster's store. The happy sound of the old wooden screen door hinges always squeaked open and loudly slammed as we all tumbled in with hands in our pockets clutching loose change we saved for the trip. Dean and Charlie were there to welcome us and always patient while a bunch of sandy kids took forever to make up their minds at their well-worn wood counter, the local candy paradise. If you were smart you had enough for a bag of candy and a popsicle or ice cream from the freezer.

Decades later we all still remember our favourites. Bazooka Joe Bubblegum, Fudgesicles, Buried Treasures, Lolas, Bottlecaps, SweetTarts, Popeye Cigarettes, WigWags, CrackerJack, Garbage Pail Candy, Black Licorice Pipes, Pop Rocks, bags of Gold Rush gum - the stuff of childhood that was pocket change, is now vintage, high-priced memorabilia.

Thank you to the Foster's Family for you became a big part of so many happy summers.

Every time I drive down the highway I always sorta wish the store was still there so I could drop in and go back in time to a special place where life was simple, smiles were free and treats were a necessary part of our daily adventures at the cottage.

Remember these?

Not long after a 1970 bill consideration, the word “cigarette” disappeared from candy cigarette packaging, to be replaced by the word “sticks,” in what was probably an attempt to make the candy less controversial.

Of course we all pretended to smoke em and tucked them into our t-shirt sleeves like James Dean. Yup, we were cool.

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